8 Amazing Benefits of the Icon Laser

Are you tired of looking in the mirror to see a long list of cosmetic to-dos reflected back at you? From wrinkles to unwanted facial hair to unsightly scars and veins, keeping up with your aesthetic needs can mean trying many different treatments and products.

Fortunately, the IconTM Aesthetic Laser System offers an all-in-solution for many of your most pressing aesthetic needs! Board-certified physician Nicole Kimzey, DO, and the team of aesthetic experts at Girard Internal Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, use this revolutionary system to tackle many beauty concerns. 

Take a moment to learn about the amazing benefits of this powerful laser system!

1. Goodbye spider veins!

Spider veins develop when blood collects in the tiny capillaries just below the surface of your skin. These unsightly red, blue, or purple lines are the result of a broken valve inside the vein, and they can make even the most confident among us self-conscious about wearing the skin-baring shorts, skirts, and bathing suits of summer. 

For patients with moderate or severe spider veins, laser ablation with the Icon Aesthetic Laser System can make spider veins a burden of the past. Laser therapy offers targeted treatment that seals the problematic veins without damaging the surrounding tissues! 

2. Softens stretch marks

Stretch marks from pregnancy or weight gain can make it difficult to wear swimsuits and skin-revealing sundresses. Fortunately, the powerful fractional laser light from the Icon Aesthetic Laser System can reduce the appearance of unsightly stretch marks, making them blend better with the rest of your skin by boosting your body’s natural collagen and elastin production. 

3. Fixes pigmentation problems

If you’ve noticed unwanted dark patches on your skin, like sunspots, age spots, or melasma, the Icon Aesthetic Laser System offers an ideal solution. The skilled practitioners at Girard Internal Medicine use laser energy to rejuvenate your skin, causing dark areas to slough away and leaving you with an even skin tone.

4. So long unwanted hair!

Unwanted hair is a source of embarrassment and frustration, especially during the warmer when it’s time to let your skin shine! Waxing, plucking, shaving, and creams cost you time and money — only for the unwanted hair to grow back!  

The Icon Aesthetic Laser System offers you a way to say so long to unwanted hair for good! Our team can safely and effectively remove hair from almost any place you desire, including your:

The number of treatments required varies depending on how much hair needs to be removed, the color contrast between your skin and body hair, and the area of your body being treated. 

5. Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles can make you look older than you feel. Fortunately, the Icon Aesthetic Laser System can turn back the hands of time and give you back your youthful appearance in only a few short treatments!

The highly concentrated light gently heats the layers of skin below the surface, triggering your body’s natural collagen and elastin production and encouraging the growth of brand-new skin to replace the older, wrinkled skin you shed after treatment. 

6. Reduces the appearance of scars

Pesky scars make baring your skin more challenging, especially when they appear in difficult to conceal areas like your face. The Icon Aesthetic Laser System sends short pulses of light into your skin to gently remove the top layers, breaking up the tissue so new skin can grow. The result? A significant reduction in the appearance and texture of your scars!

7. Smoother, softer skin

The team at Girard Internal Medicine uses the powerful Icon Aesthetic Laser System to resurface your skin, giving you smoother, more even skin. After your treatments, you’ll notice that textural issues and other problems fade away, leaving you with soft, touchable skin that’s free from most blemishes and signs of aging!

8. No injections or incisions required!

The best part about the Icon Aesthetic Laser System is that it delivers these amazing benefits without the need for injections, incisions, or any invasive procedures! The handheld wand delivers concentrated, pulsed light energy using fractional laser technology. 

Ready to learn more about the many benefits of the Icon Aesthetic Laser System? Contact the experts at Girard Internal Medicine in Philadelphia or request an appointment with Dr. Kimzey online now!

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