Are Spider Veins a Health Risk?

If you have spider veins, you may be wondering if they are just uncomfortable and unsightly or if the issue goes deeper. In most cases, spider veins are not a health risk, but there are times when spider veins may become serious. Even when they aren’t, many patients decide to get rid of them because they don’t like the way they look.

No matter what your situation is, Dr. Nicole Kimzey and the rest of us at Girard Internal Medicine want to help you minimize unpleasant and painful issues like spider veins so you can feel like your best self all the time. 

The truth about spider veins

Have you looked at your legs or face and noticed small, twisted veins that you could see beneath your skin? These “spider veins” do not bulge out the way varicose veins do, but they can still make you self-conscious about the way you look. 

Spider veins occur for several reasons. While 90 percent of those who suffer from spider veins have a genetic history of the condition, other conditions can lead to spider veins, including:

The truth is that spider veins aren’t usually a health problem and any issues that arise from them are much less severe than those associated with varicose veins, which are bigger and more prone to causing pain and discomfort. 

Still, spider veins can sometimes be a sign of a larger medical issue, such as obesity, vein damage, blood clots, or sun damage. However, since they can also be caused by regular aging, pregnancy, or other non-threatening conditions, they are not usually a health problem on their own.  

Do I need to get rid of my spider veins?

Unlike other conditions that can cause severe side effects if not treated properly, spider veins are usually not a health risk. In most cases, they don’t cause the kind of pain or risks that varicose veins can cause, and generally, they don’t create serious problems on their own. Painful spider veins are extremely rare, and when this is the case, they can often be removed quickly and easily with a laser treatment.

Still, we understand that many people want to get rid of their spider veins simply because they cause self-image issues, especially when they appear on the face. That’s why we offer laser treatment for spider vein removal that is virtually painless and very easy to recover from as a cosmetic option.

Getting rid of my spider veins

Whether you’re concerned about your spider veins, or you just want to remove them to help you look your best, Dr. Kimzey will consult with you about the laser treatment we offer at Girard Internal Medicine, as well as what to expect from your spider vein treatment and recovery process.

You can call 267-317-2174 today or request an appointment online. We are available in our Philadelphia, PA office Monday through Friday from 9am - 5pm. 

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