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Clear Away the Past With Scar Removal!

Are you tired of having to conceal unsightly scars? Have you tried different topical treatments with no luck? If you’re ready to fade your scars for good, laser scar removal can help! 

Nicole Kimzey, DO, and our team at Girard Internal Medicine understand how frustrating scars can be — especially when they’re on your face or parts of the body you don’t want to cover up. That’s why we offer laser scar removal with the IconTM Aesthetic System to patients in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Read on to learn how you can say goodbye to scars for good with laser scar removal at Girard Internal Medicine!

What is laser scar removal and how does it work?

Laser scar removal uses concentrated light delivered by a fractional laser to create heat energy. This pulsed light energy removes thin layers of skin and breaks up scar tissue. What’s more? It stimulates new skin growth. As a result, scars disappear. Studies show that laser scar removal can drastically reduce the appearance of even the most difficult scars. 

The Icon Aesthetic System used by Dr. Kimzey at Girard Internal Medicine clears away scars by promoting new collagen and elastin production. When the heat energy penetrates the deeper layers of your skin tissue, it triggers your body’s natural healing process and the production of these key proteins. 

The best part? Icon works on deeper levels of the skin, without damaging the top layers. This means there are minimal side effects and you’re left with clearer, fresher skin.

How do I know if I’m a candidate for laser scar removal?

The Icon Aesthetic System is great for candidates in good health. But not all laser treatment systems are the same. Different kinds of lasers can have different side effects.  

If you’re considering laser scar removal, discuss your treatment options with an experienced medical professional. At Girard Internal Medicine, Dr. Kimzey assesses your overall health and evaluates your skin to recommend the best course of treatment to ensure you get results with minimal side effects. 

Once Dr. Kimzey determines laser scar removal is right for you, she creates a customized laser treatment plan for your skin needs. She may recommend additional aesthetic services, depending on your skin goals.

What’s an Icon session like and what results can I expect?

Even though most patients tolerate laser treatments well, our team usually begins by applying a topical anesthetic. Although exact treatment plans vary by patient, most require three to five sessions. Depending on the extent of your scarring, you may need booster treatments down the line.

During your treatment, Icon penetrates the top layers of your skin to smooth and reduce the appearance of scars. It’s a quick treatment, and you’ll notice your skin looks brighter within days. Optimal results can take several months to appear as your body’s healing process produces newer, fresher skin.

Although there’s minimal downtime, you’ll need to avoid direct sunlight four to six weeks after treatment to reduce your risk of getting a sunburn. You may also have slight swelling or dry skin immediately following your laser therapy session. Extra moisturizer and cold packs can help speed up the recovery process.  

How can I get started with laser scar removal?

Before getting started with laser scar removal, it’s important to meet with a trained medical professional, like Dr. Kimzey. Our experienced team evaluates your skin and scar tissue to create a treatment plan that accounts for your unique skin needs. 

If you’re ready to say goodbye to scars, the team at Girard Internal Medicine can help! Contact our Philadelphia office or request an appointment online today!

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