Give Your Skin a New Surface in the New Year

Flash-forward to New Year’s Day. You’ve enjoyed your night of partying, and now you’re looking in the mirror, trying to decide what your New Year’s resolution should be. 

You notice how your face has more wrinkles than it did last year, how skin damage and other conditions have caused your skin to look duller and less youthful, and how your skin’s tone and texture just aren’t what they used to be. 

Now, ask yourself this: Is there a way to give your skin a new surface in the new year, one that allows you to make this year’s resolution one you can actually keep? 

There is! The Icon™ laser treatment available at Girard Internal Medicine is a wonderful way to provide yourself with a new skin surface that’s as beautiful as it is youthful and to give a fresh meaning to the phrase “new year, new you.” Dr. Nicole Kimzey and the rest of our team at her Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, office want to offer you the finest options in skin resurfacing treatments, so you can look and feel your best. 

What the Icon method can treat

When we say the Icon method can give your skin a new surface, we mean it! This revolutionary equipment can treat a number of problems that occur with age, as well as some that can occur at any time in your life to minimize your skin’s natural beauty. These issues can include: 

The Icon laser can treat almost any skin flaws that are mild to moderately severe. This treatment actually helps your skin look good-as-new because, well, it is!

What the Icon laser does

The Icon laser is used to heat up the deeper tissues of your skin, those beyond the surface that you can’t see. The laser’s microbeams warm the deep skin tissue, causing an increase in both collagen and elastin production. 

These changes highly benefit the skin because skin healing, elasticity, tightness, and the youthful glow you desire all start with the production of these natural materials. As such, the Icon laser actually jump-starts the skin’s own healing process, which will help you look better, healthier, and more youthful in just a few easy sessions. 

The best New Year’s resolution you ever made

The Icon laser treatment is noninvasive, easy, and causes few, if any, side effects. Some patients see results from the laser in as little as one treatment, and while deeper effects might require multiple treatments, you’ll be wowed by the results. 

If you’re looking for a way to show off your best self and to start feeling confident, youthful, and healthy in the skin you’re in, this is the best way to get the results you want. 

Ready to start Icon laser treatments? 

Call 267-317-2174 today to set up an appointment with Dr. Kimzey, or you can request an appointment any time using the online booking feature. You can also send Dr. Kimzey and the team a message here on our website.

Individual results may vary.

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