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Twisty, purplish-red veins can show up on your face and legs, making you feel self-conscious. These veins are easily zapped with laser treatments available at Girard Internal Medicine in Philadelphia. Nicole Kimzey, DO, can evaluate your veins to determine if you’re a candidate for this noninvasive, effective procedure. Call the office or book an appointment online to learn more.

Spider Veins Q & A

What are spider veins?

Spider veins look like webs of blue or red that spread on your legs and face. They become evident as you get older. These veins are actually dilated blood vessels that sit close to the skin. They are damaged veins that aren’t working well anymore.

How does the Icon™ Aesthetic System address spider veins?

This laser system can dramatically reduce the appearance of leg veins. The treatment requires no incisions, injections, or downtime. No damage occurs to surrounding tissue during treatment, either.

The laser light pulses through your outermost layer of skin to constrict the blood vessels in the legs that are causing the spidery appearance. The veins then become less apparent at the skin’s surface so you achieve a smooth, even-toned look.

How many sessions will I need to make my spider veins disappear?

Dr. Kimzey analyzes your veins and considers your aesthetic goals when devising the right laser treatment plan for you. Typically more than one treatment is needed – usually, three or more -- with each treatment spaced about six weeks apart.

Some tiny spider veins may disappear right after treatment, but others may darken and be evident for one to three months before completely clearing.

Do laser treatments for spider veins hurt?

The laser treatment is done by applying a specialized wand to the surface of your skin. The wand directs the laser energy to the veins. Icon laser treatments for veins cause minor discomfort and they’re tolerated well by most people.

Do I need to plan downtime following laser treatment of spider veins?

Typically, you can go right back to most of your normal activities following treatment. Dr. Kimzey reviews any restrictions with you. She may recommend you wear compression stockings for several days if you had your legs treated to encourage healing.

After laser treatment, you must protect treated areas from the sun to prevent dark spots from developing. Use sunscreen, protective clothing, or avoid sunlight altogether if possible for up to a month.

To learn more about laser treatment for spider veins, call the office of Gerard Internal Medicine or book a consultation using the online tool.